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Kids with Courage: Tulsa boy battles most aggressive form of childhood cancer

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TULSA, Okla. - Eight-year-old Jake couldn't wait to start the new baseball season with his team mates.

Instead, last February, he was benched by a shocking diagnosis of childhood cancer.

His mom says it all started with Jake complaining of leg pain.

"My husband and I were like, 'it's probably growing pains,'" Aubrey Flowers, Jake's mother, said.

But Jake got worse.

He began to hobble when he walked and told his mother he was seeing double.

Tests confirmed the family's worst fear.

"They discovered a tumor in his sinus cavity that was pushing on the muscle around his eyes and causing the double vision," Flowers said.

Jake was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of childhood cancer called Burkitt's Lymphoma.

Cancer cells had spread throughout the boy's body.

"He came in a very sick young man," Dr. Osman Kahn, who Jake's doctor at the Jimmy Everest Center for Cancer at OU Children's Hospital, said.

Find out more about Jake's intense treatment following diagnosis, how he endured, and why his doctors are so optimistic.

Join Marianne Rafferty Monday at 5pm for Kids With Courage.

To learn more about the Jimmy Everest Center for Cancer, or to donate to cure cancer in Oklahoma's Children, please go to JECfriends.org

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