Man allegedly damages several homes, businesses following argument with business partner

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - Police say a man who was cited for drugs on Saturday morning is in trouble with the law and his neighbors less than 24 hours later.

Police told KSTU that 34-year-old Phillip DeLuca used his truck to ram two houses, a business, a police station and several cars.

Jeremy Smith says DeLuca backed his truck into the car in his driveway before turning and heading for his house.

"Threw it back in reverse and came flying up on the porch and crashed right into the front of the house," Smith said.

Smith's dad was injured by the crash, and the truck narrowly missed his 13-year-old daughter, who was asleep on the couch.

However, authorities say DeLuca continued down the road, hitting another car, the garage door of a police substation and a business before his truck stalled.

Authorities say the rampage started after DeLuca got into an argument with his business partner. The pair may have worked together doing landscaping.

"He targeted properties that he worked with this individual on, or properties that he knew this other individual had been working on," said Lt. Lex Bell, with the Unified Police Department.

After his truck stalled, police say DeLuca walked a mile to find his business partner's home and allegedly broke in and assaulted the man.

However, he suffered injuries when the man and his family fought back and held him until police arrived.

Phillip DeLuca

Phillip DeLuca

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