GRAPHIC: Two dogs shot to death while tied up in Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are investigating a case of animal cruelty that could have been deadly for an Oklahoma City family.

Two dogs showed up about a week and a half ago, in a neighborhood near I-35 and Grand Boulevard.

The dogs are hound mixes, one male and one female.

They seemed to be well-cared for, spayed and neutered.

A neighbor who lives next door to Paul McGregor took them in, started feeding and caring for the pair about 10 days ago.

The McGregor kids who live next door said they were friendly but sometimes fought with other dogs in the area.

About midnight Wednesday night, the dogs were running around the neighborhood when a man came from a nearby house and started harassing the dogs and the McGregor family.

"He had a rifle with a scope on it," McGregor said. "He was shooting all over the place."

Then, about 4 a.m. Thursday morning, several rounds rang out just a few feet from McGregor house.

"I was so damn worried about my kids and stuff," McGregor said. "My daughter's bedroom is right there in the back."

Two strangers came onto this property to shoot and kill both dogs.

Both were tied up to a trailer in the backyard at the time of the shooting.

Oklahoma City police and Animal Welfare Division are both investigating.

Investigators will X-ray the dogs to locate the bullets, necropsy the carcasses and try to determine where those bullets came from.

"It's so important that if someone did see this or has any knowledge of it that they say something," said OKC Animal Welfare Superintendent Julie Bank. "It's never okay to shoot an animal or shoot anything or shoot your gun in an area that could be unsafe, because there's children around."

The suspects could face felony charges for killing defenseless animals on someone else's property.

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