KFOR and KAUT channel guides

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OKLAHOMA CITY– Looking for KFOR or KAUT and can’t find it on your cable or satellite provider? Here is a channel guide.

KFOR Over-the-air 4 NBC
KFOR Dish Network (OKC) 4 NBC
KFOR UVerse (OKC) 104  and 1004 NBC
KFOR Cox Cable 4 and 704 NBC
KAUT Freedom43 Over-the-air 43 IND
KAUT Freedom43 Dish Network (OKC) 43 IND
KAUT Channel Guide

KAUT Channel Guide

KAUT Freedom43 DirectTV (OKC) 43 IND
KAUT Freedom43 UVerse (OKC) 43 IND
KAUT Freedom43 Cox Cable (OKC) 16 and 714 IND
 KAUT Freedom43  Cableone  10  IND
 KAUT Freddom43  Pioneer (Kingfisher)  28  IND
 KAUT Freedom43  Sudden Link (Alva/Fairview)  10  IND
 KAUT Freedom43  Sudden Link (Anadarko)  12 IND
 KAUT Freedom43  Sudden Link (Stillwater)  18  IND
 KAUT Freedom43  Sudden Link (Weatherford)  11  IND
 KAUT Freedom43  Southern Plains Cablevision  68  IND


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