Hearing continued for Oklahoma woman accused of promising to sell her baby to two sets of parents

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Alicia Sweeney

OKLAHOMA CITY — The hearing for a woman accused of promising to sell two perspective families her unborn child was continued on Friday.

Oklahoma City Police first started investigating this case in 2011 when an adoptive couple from Maryland called the department to file a complaint.

According to the probable cause affidavit, adoptive parents, Michael and Alexandra Walker, called police because they’d been scammed by a birth mother.

The police investigation revealed birth mother, Alicia Sweeney, promised her unborn child to two prospective adoptive couples, one in Florida and the Walkers in Maryland.

Police say both the Walkers and the Florida couple, Milutin and Mirjana Jeftic, paid the birth mom between $16,000 and $19,000 during the pregnancy because they believed she had promised them her baby.

The baby was delivered at Deaconess Hospital in 2011.

The Jeftics took the child home, and the Walkers went home empty-handed, despite paying thousands of dollars in fees and medical costs for the birth mom.

Four years after the birth, Alicia Sweeney was finally arrested for child trafficking.

Sweeney was expected in an Oklahoma County courtroom for a preliminary hearing Friday.

However, officials later announced the hearing is continued until July 21st.