Logan County man comes face to face with armed intruder

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - Don Keeton had just returned home from running errands and went to his garage to get something.

When he went back inside his house, there was a stranger standing right there.

“I wrestled with him and threw him behind this door and was smashing the door up against him, but because of that cabinet, there’s a hollow space back there, it wasn’t hitting him,” said Keeton.

That suspect took off running through Keeton’s home and Keeton went back through the garage.

When he rounded the corner, he came face to face with another man.

That intruder was armed.

“I got to right about here.  He turned that corner and he put the gun right to my head,” said Keeton.

Keeton ran back into his house, locking the door behind him.

But the armed man ran after him, actually breaking through the door.

“But when he started chasing me, then I realized he’s after me.  It got real personal,” said Keeton.

Keeton went straight to his bedroom to get his gun, but then he realized that suspect had run out the front door, taking Keeton’s wallet with him.

Edmond police and Logan County deputies caught up with the suspects quickly.

Kyle Mitchell, 42, and Shayla McCoy, 25, were arrested, along with a 15-year-old.

And Logan County says they linked that juvenile to another home invasion on Tuesday when a man with cerebral palsy was assaulted.

“Bound his arms and legs with duct tape and covered his head with a pillow case and assaulted him a few times,” said Detective Greg Valencia, with the Logan County Sheriff’s Department.

Keeton is glad these suspects are now behind bars and says he would not have hesitated to shoot them.

“Without a doubt, right between the eyes if I could’ve.  It’s my house.  It’s my property.  They invaded it,” said Keeton.

Detectives were able to link that juvenile to the other home invasion because he’s actually on probation and is wearing an ankle monitor.

They were able to track that monitor to that residence at the exact date and time of the home invasion.