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Guthrie officer fired following second alcohol arrest

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - A Guthrie police officer is fired from the force, accused of running over his own daughter while under the influence of alcohol.

The former officer was already on leave, after allegedly showing up to work drunk back in January.

The case has shaken Guthrie PD.

"We're all very saddened," said Sgt. Anthony Gibbs. "No one wanted something like that to happen."

It happened back in April.

According to court documents, Bryan Crumb claimed his daughter grabbed onto his car door while it was in motion, which "dragged her underneath."

He then told police he took off toward the hospital, with his daughter in his lap.

Not long after he ran into a curb, reportedly blowing out one of his tires.

Offices claimed they smelled alcohol on his breath and would later perform a blood test.

"Results of that blood test came back in. They were over the state's legal limits," Gibbs said.

Crumb's daughter was flown to OU Children's Hospital, where we're told she made a full recovery.

The trouble would continue for Crumb, after an arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday.

This most recent arrest is not his first alleged issue with alcohol.

Crumb was arrested back in January, after he reportedly showed up to work drunk.

He's been on paid leave from the force ever since, till his termination this week.

Gibbs knows it's never easy to arrest an officer but saidĀ their duty is to the people of Guthrie.

"It really came on fairly suddenly. We're talking about between January and then through April," he said. "When you have someone that's broken the law, we're not gonna treat them any differently than we would anyone else."

Through both arrests, Crumb is now charged with:

  • Causing an Accident Resulting in Great Bodily Injury While Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
  • Carrying a Firearm While Under the Influence of Alcohol
  • Public Intoxication