“It was crushing my toes,” Boy freed after shoe was caught in escalator

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OKLAHOMA CITY - With his shoe and toes caught in an escalator, crews worked tirelessly to rescue a little boy at a metro mall on Thursday.

Miguel Pacheco, who spoke with NewsChannel 4, still doesn't really know how it happened.

"Well, it's kind of complicated to say," he explained. "It was crushing my toes, yeah it was really crushing my toes hard."

His grandmother Martha was hard at work at Comet Cleaners in Edmond when she got the call.

"I told my boss, 'I need to leave, something happened with my baby," said Martha Solis. "Grabbed my keys and go, fly over there."

But when she arrived at Plaza Mayor, Martha was stuck toward the back as a crowd grew around the escalator.

"A lot of people over there, circled around him," she said. "I'm crying over there. I'm thinking something worse happened."

After 30 minutes of poking, prodding, and prying by first responders, Miguel wriggled free nearly unscathed.

Miguel ultimately chipped a toenail, but had a fresh pair of Crocs on for our interview.

"They are really comfortable," he exclaimed.

With all five toes intact, Miguel thinks the shoes might have helped save the day, helping stop the machine.

Most of all though, he says he appreciates the first responders who cut him free.

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