Officials investigating deadly explosion in Erick

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ERICK, Okla.-911 calls started pouring in just before 11:30 Thursday night.

“All we knew was there was an explosion and possible injuries,” said Erick police chief, Patrick Strange.

When police arrived at the home near the center of town, they found a shed behind a home had exploded.

One man was found deceased at the scene.

They believe he was inside the shed at the time of the explosion.

Neighbors all around felt and heard the blast.

“I was watching tv and all of a sudden – boom! I mean you know and one of my deals came falling down off the wall,” said Paulyn West.

“It shook the whole neighborhood,” said Katisza Newton. “There was smoke everywhere. It was burning rubber and just kind of crazy.”

Authorities have not officially identified the man who died but family members say he is Kenneth Greer, 43.

He lived in the home with his mother, who was unharmed in the blast and actually slept through it.

Police say they do not believe a meth lab was involved.

“We’ve looked over the scene and we’ve ruled that out. There’s no evidence that appears to be foul play or any signs of narcotic activity,” said Chief Strange.

Police are now waiting on autopsy results from the medical examiner to help answer a lot of questions.

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