Officials say a stinky problem is being fixed in Mustang

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MUSTANG, Okla. - City officials in Mustang say a stinky problem has significantly improved.

For the past couple of years, staff at the Waste Water Treatment Plant has been working on ways to eliminate odors coming from a flow equalization lagoon where excess water goes.

There's $1 million worth of upgrades at the plant, like five floating aerators.

"We'll leave about 3 feet of water in here at all times and that is to establish and ecosystem," Dennis Merrill, Mustang Project Manager, said.

The lagoon is crucial. It's where excess water flows, especially after a storm.

The aerators are fully operational within 30-60 days.

The aerators will hopefully eliminate nasty smells from decomposing bacteria.

"What we have are five 15 horse floating aerators and what that will let us do is put oxygen into the flow equalization base and that should eliminate future odor complaints," Merrill said.

Two years ago, our crews went to a nearby neighborhood and residents told us anytime there was a north wind, odor from the lagoon would drift their way causing a pretty bad smell.

Our crews went back to ask neighbors if the stench is gone.

"Today, even the wind is out of the north, I don't smell nothing," Edward Burkins said.

For Edward Burkins, it's a sigh or "smell" of relief, recalling the offensive odor in the past.

"It was just terrible, you didn't even want to go out of the house and you better not keep your windows open because the next thing you know it was inside your home," Burkins rememered.

He's thankful the city passed a sales tax extension to help pay for the upgrades.

"This is an enjoyable subdivision to live in and I like Mustang too and we all know things happen," he said. "They did take care of the problem and I'm glad they did."

Mustang’s Public Works Department always welcomes feedback from residents, whether it’s a positive comment or complaint.

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