Widow claims fertility clinic misplaced her late husband’s sperm, tissue samples

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LOS ANGELES - Sarah Robertson always wanted to have a family with her high school sweetheart, Aaron.

The couple married in 1995 but Sarah knew they wouldn't be together for long.

Aaron was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that affects the body's connective tissues.

For Aaron, the disorder targeted his heart.

"He had a horrible case of Marfan. He had multiple cardio thoracic surgeries and he was dissecting from about every major vessel in his chest. He was not going to live long," Sarah told KTLA.

In 2004, Aaron died after suffering from a severe stroke.

Before he died, tissues and sperm samples were taken so that Sarah would be able to have their children one day.

Those samples were initially held at one clinic before they were moved to the Reproductive Fertility Clinic in Hollywood.

She says she continued to pay the bill for storage until 2014, when she felt the time was right to start a family.

However, officials told her there was a problem.

"We're sorry but when the embryologist went to pull that vial out of the cryotank, they wiped the snow away and it was the same first name but a different last name," Robertson remembers.

Now, Sarah and Aaron's family are suing the clinic.

Sarah's attorney told KTLA that  their main concern is that Aaron's sperm was given to someone else.

Also, they say that child may have Marfan syndrome without the parents' knowledge.

The clinic denies all the allegations and plans to aggressively defend the clinic in court.

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