Group fighting to change Edmond city ordinance, to allow backyard chickens in urban areas

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EDMOND, Okla. - A group called “Edmond Urban Chickens” is hosting a rally Wednesday night at The Patriarch in Edmond, hoping to change the city’s ordinance to allow backyard chickens within city limits, not just on agriculture land.

Advocates of the change say their goal is to educate people about having chickens as pets and as a resource for food, fresh eggs.

Jacey Hyde has 18 chickens and 6 ducks.

Hyde and her family moved away from Edmond, so they could raise their chickens in Oklahoma City.

They live on two acres of zoned agriculture, allowing them to have these animals as pets.

Hyde is one of seven members in the group called, "Edmond Urban Chickens."

They are fighting for change.

Like OKC, Edmond residents can have chickens on agricultural, but this group says there's a need for backyard chickens in city limits.

"They're a wonderful resource. Chickens provide food and it's also a great learning experience for the kids," Jacey Hyde, with Edmond Urban Chickens, said.

At a rally at The Patriarch, the group hopes to educate the public about misconceptions when it comes to chickens.

"We hear often, 'well chickens are loud,' 'they're smelly,' 'you need a rooster to have eggs' and all of those are untrue," Hyde explained.

While she agreed roosters can be loud, they are fighting for people to have hens in order to lay eggs as a source of food.

The group hopes to gain support from the community and get the attention of city leaders, which they already have.

"If there's an agreement that they can come to with city council and city council wants to approve that change, then it will happen," Casey Moore, Edmond Public Information Officer, said.

The rally will be held Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. at The Patriarch.

Click here for more information about the group, or visit them on social media.

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