GRAPHIC: Witnesses claim juveniles attacked ducks, goose at Bethany pond

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Warning: Some of these pictures are considered graphic and disturbing to some viewers.

BETHANY, Okla. - Police in Bethany are investigating after witnesses say three young boys were seen attacking ducks and geese at a nearby pond.

Kim Haggy tells NewsChannel 4 that she has found 14 dead ducks near the pond at Bethany park in just four days.

On June 7, officers were called to a pond behind the Bethany library after two dead ducks were found there.

The next day, witnesses called police again to report that four more dead ducks were found at the same pond. A few hours later, authorities learned that a Canada Goose was also found dead at the pond.

According to the police report, officers in Bethany were told that three juveniles were seen chasing two of the birds and beating them with sticks.

Haggy said she started keeping a close eye on the park after she says she found a mother duck missing its head. Haggy says the duck and ducklings had just relocated to the park. Now, she says the ducklings are missing too.

In the past, she says hundreds of ducks used to inhabit the park, but now those numbers are dwindling.

Now, she is asking residents to keep a closer eye on their feathered friends.

"Police can't help if we don't help them," Haggy said.

So far, no arrests have been made.

If you have any information on the crime, call the Bethany Police Department.