Metro boot camp teaching youth respect, discipline through activities, ministry and tough love

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OKLAHOMA CITY - One tough boot camp in the metro is helping the youth through prevention and intervention with activities, ministry and tough love.

The camp is called “Operation Truth Boot Camp,” and it’s held at Great Cleaves Memorial CMC Church every year.

"It involves a lot of self-empowerment," Isaac Adams, a 15-year-old cadet, said.

Operation Truth Boot Camp is all about teaching young people to respect themselves, respect authorities and to know what's right from wrong.

"We really try to make them strong, encourage them and build their self-esteem up," Sergeant Pam Ellis said.

"I've taken a lot of discipline away from this and I've learned how to respect my peers, respect the elderly," Adams said.

DeVonne Alexander, 17, started as a cadet but is now a Sergeant.

He said his cousins put him in this camp because he was always getting in trouble.

Once he was in, he never gave up and is passing on what he's learned to others.

"You need every tool you can get to survive, become successful, and become a key to the environment," Alexander said. "You don't want to be that kid that's in trouble known for doing that, doing this. You want to be that kid that's uplifting."

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol stands behind this program.

"We try to give them ways to deal with peer pressure in a positive way and it's all about life lessons," Captain Paul Timmons with Oklahoma Highway Patrol said.

The program also shows these kids they can achieve anything.

Adams says he wants to be a lawyer and is also thinking about joining the military.

"I'm going to use a lot of the things that I have acquired at boot camp to help me go along the way," Adams said.

Operation Truth Boot Camp is held once a year and spots fill up quick.

If interested, start looking ahead by clicking here.

The kids will be performing their march at a competition this Saturday at Cleaves Church in northeast Oklahoma.

The event starts at 9 a.m.