OU basketball player dismissed from team following second run-in with the law

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PEARL HARBOR, HI - DECEMBER 7: Akolda Manyang #30 of the Oklahoma Sooners pulls down a rebound against the Villanova Wildcats at Bloch Arena on December 7, 2015 in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. (Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images)

NORMAN, Okla. – A former OU basketball player is no longer with the team after a second alleged assault case in two months.

In May, Akolda Manyang was arrested on aggravated assault charges after allegedly punching a former athlete on Campus Corner.

Officials said a group of people were walking out of a bar when they were approached by OU basketball center Akolda Manyang, who was attempting to “hit on” the girls in their group.

“The victim says that as [Manyang] tried to hit on these girls that he stepped in and told him ‘Hey, she’s not interested’ and kind of encouraged him to move along. He said the individual did move along and was kind of mumbling,” said Sarah Jensen, with the Norman Police Department.

That’s when the victim told Manyang to “chill out.”

At that point, officers said Manyang proceeded to punch the victim, knocking two of his teeth out.

According to court documents, the victim, who was identified as former OU football player Tyler Evans, had injuries including swelling to his face, a lacerated lip and two missing teeth.

At the time, Manyang was “indefinitely suspended” from OU’s basketball team.

One month later, Manyang was in trouble with the law again.

The Post Bulletin reports that Manyang was arrested on Wednesday after he and a friend allegedly assaulted a cab driver in Rochester, Minnesota.

The newspaper reports that Manyang also stole the keys to the cab driver’s personal vehicle.

Following his arrest, OU officially dismissed Manyang from the team, the newspaper reports.