8-year-old boy reported missing in Duncan

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DUNCAN, Okla. – Damion Alexander Davidson, an 8-year-old from Duncan, has been reported missing since early this morning.

Authorities have been notified.

He was last seen wearing Captain America pajamas and glasses.

Davidson is 4 feet tall, 50 pounds and has brown hair and green eyes.

He was last seen by his parents in his bed sometime around 2 a.m. at his residence at the 1400 block of N. 7th Street but was reportedly seen in the area of 11th St. and Elm.

It was believed Davidson woke up sometime after 2 a.m., unlocked the deadbolt to their front door and got out.

According to a family member, Davidson is autistic and non-verbal.

He enjoys swimming, and the family urges that Duncan residents check their backyards, especially if they have a swimming pool.

If found, they recommend approaching Davidson from behind with caution and to contact local authorities.