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A recent drug bust leads to a strange discovery in Pontotoc County

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ADA, Okla.-  “A” Street is usually all about business.

So, it was a shock when neighboring companies learned what was swimming behind a pesticide shop’s doors.

“Very quite surprising. I had no clue this was going on in our neighborhood,” Dan Marshall, a business manager, said.

During a June 8th raid, the District 22 Drug Task Force made a sizable bust at BAR Pest and Landscaping.

Officers say they found 2.41 pounds of meth, drug paraphernalia, and a pistol.

What they were not expecting to find was a 3 and a half foot alligator.

Business operator Branden Rowell, 34, was arrested and it was see you later for the alligator.

Local game wardens took it from its kiddie pool and into their care.

“That’s crazy. I can’t believe they had an alligator nearby,” Marshall laughed.

People are stunned by the discovery and glad officers got what they did off the streets.

“It does concern me because you know as a business manager here, making sure I keep my people safe and making sure this area is safe,” Marshall said.

Rowell is in jail on a one million dollar bond.

News Channel 4 spoke to his mother.

She did not want to go on camera, but wanted to remind people that he has not been found guilty.

Rowell is facing multiple charges including drug trafficking.

Game wardens say keeping an alligator as a pet is illegal and for that Rowell could face a hefty fine.