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Counterfeiters steal dough from Oklahoma City bakery

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OKLAHOMA CITY - For almost 6 years, GiGi's Cupcakes on May Ave. has been satisfying the sweet tooth of thousands.

However, two recent customers stood out.

The mystery men waited for the shop to get busy before placing a small order.

"He bought as minimal as possible, one cupcake, $3.52 with tax. He then passed over a $50 bill to the girls working the counter," said Helen Glass, the store's manager.

At that point, another man purchased a cookie and a bottle of water with a crisp $50 bill.

"It didn't turn color, so the bill was legit, so she opened the drawer and gave the change back," Glass said.

Oddly enough, he got back in line again.

"He was thinking 'If I got away with one 50, I can try another one.' He came back up and tried to purchase another item which was a single cupcake," Glass said.

The clerk couldn't make change for another $50, so he stormed out, minus the cupcake.

Store managers soon learned why these men were so eager to unload their big bills.

Glass took the money to the credit union next door only discover the authentic looking bills were actually bogus.

Now, GiGi's wants to warn other local business owners to be on the look out for these men and their counterfeit cash.

"I just wanted everyone to be aware of this situation, and hopefully these two individuals will be caught," she said.

The bills did pass the pen test, but officials said they are slightly smaller than an authentic $50.

Also, the ink comes off if you rub the paper hard enough.

Information about counterfeit $50 bills.

Information about counterfeit $50 bills.