“I want someone that cares for me,” Teen seeking a family before he turns 18-years-old

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Even though he is almost considered an adult, Joseph still is looking for a family to love.

The fearless teenager turns 18-years-old in August and hopes that he will get the chance to have a bit of a normal childhood, even if it is only for a few months.

In fact, Joseph even says he wants to be grounded at least once.

"Because it's normal," Joseph said, adding that he is looking for a family who cares about him enough to keep him on the right path.

When he's not thinking of a family, he enjoys being outdoors.

"I like to catch bass in fishing ponds," he said.

It's something he likes to do every weekend, adding that he always catches something.

"Yeah, seaweed," he joked, adding that he actually catches several fish but usually throws them back.

When he's not on the water, he is in the sky.

Joseph says he has been indoor rock climbing more than 20 times.

In the future, Joseph says he wants to study business at Purdue and work for Goldman Sachs.

He also hopes to get his own home one day.

"Not an expensive house, but a house that gets you going and stuff and a car that gets you places," he said.

His caseworker describes Joseph as a survivor who has been through a lot in life but still manages to stay positive.

"I'm a good person. I listen to what people say and I'm easygoing," he said.

Even though he is about to legally be an adult, he is still holding out hope for a family.

"Because I want someone that cares for me and does things for me," Joseph said.

If you want to adopt Joseph, call (405) 767-2955.

Visit http://www.okdhs.org/ for more information on adopting a child.