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Oklahoman remembers church member, killed in Orlando shooting

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NORMAN, Okla. - Allison Hadley couldn't stop crying.

She read the list of names of people killed in a shooting at an Orlando nightclub, sobbing with a mixture of sadness and relief, mourning the dead while thanking God none were her close friends or family.

"That's my heart really," Hadley said of Orlando, the place she called home for seven years. "It's really everything, especially with everything still there and faithfully being a part of my church every week online."

And then she found a name she knew. And she knew she had to do something.

A gunman killed Shane Tomlinson and 48 others early Sunday morning.

Tomlinson and Hadley attended the same church and had a number of mutual friends.

"Shane was a performer," Hadley said. "He definitely was one that is going to be missed by so many people."

Hadley initially dealt with the grief by communicating with those she loved through social media, text messages, and phone calls.

Looking for another way to help, she found her way to the Oklahoma Blood Institute in Norman, where she donated Tuesday.

"It definitely helps the grieving process," she said. "Especially when your heart wants to be there, it makes it feel like you are still there in spirit, and in blood."

Her blood will not be sent back to Orlando hospitals, where the OBI already sent about 20 units.

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Instead, OBI said, it will likely stay in Oklahoma, replenishing reserves and helping local people in need.

For Hadley, the location doesn't matter much.

"Just giving really means being able to save someone's life anyway," she said. "[I have] a sense of peace, knowing someone will be saved, no matter where it is. My blood is going to help somebody and that's what it's really about."

If you're interested in donating blood, check out the OBI's website.