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Police search for brazen serial burglar

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EDMOND, Okla.- A brazen burglar targeted a gated Edmond neighborhood, hopping house to house, breaking into unlocked cars.

At night, Cedar Pointe neighborhood is tucked behind locked gates. A sign of security that's anything but certain.

"A gated neighborhood a lot of times gives a false sense of security," said Jenny Wagnon, with Edmond police. "But you still have to lock your vehicles up."

Early Tuesday morning, a suspect bypassed the gate, and snooped through a number of vehicles.

"We took 9 reports this morning, we had multiple other people that didn`t want to make a report," explained Wagnon.

The common thread through these burglaries, police say all the cars were unlocked except for one.

"He just busted the window," explained Matt Brown, who spent his morning repairing his truck. "I had about 500 dollars cash in my truck, he took that, took my license, my social security card, all my debit cards."

Matt nearly lost hid identity. Another woman posted online that her nephew, a member of the military on a cross country trip, lost his military documents, details on a new mortgage, and his banking information.

Police believe there could be more victims.

They're now asking that anyone with a surveillance camera in the area, to go back and review their footage from early Tuesday morning.