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Reclaimed furniture store hires former inmates

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OKLAHOMA CITY - David Juergens is a recovering drug addict and spent time in jail.

He's now been sober a year, the same amount of time he's worked at Urban Farmhouse.

"Positive atmosphere and like-minded people in the workplaces makes a big difference for maintaining recovery and maintaining a positive attitude," Juergens said.

And, that's his ultimate goal.

"To stay in this right path really above all because, if I don't, none of the other things are going to happen," Juergens said.

A married couple with four children had their own struggles when they had to file for bankruptcy in 2008.

"That's the money we had saved, and that's all we had, so we took that money and bought a pile of wood, literally,” said co-owner of Urban Farmhouse Cherami Thomas.

"One day, we built a table and sold it on Craigslist in like two hours. Built another one, and sold that in like two hours,” said Jason Thomas.

“Hand painted it in the garage,” Cherami said.

“And, that's where it started from,” Jason said.

And, that's why their mission is to help others going through a tough time.

"Everybody needs a second chance. We had to start over. We had nothing. Nobody wanted to give us a second chance,” Cherami said.

"People are given a new identity, a new purpose in life. The old life, the door's closed on it, and a new one begins,” Jason said.

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