New development causing flooding and privacy concerns for N.W. Oklahoma City neighborhood

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood is fighting for privacy.

Residents in the Durbin Hills addition say developers built new homes that tower over their property.

Development dilemma for a northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood

Development dilemma for a northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood


"You literally stare in here if you stand up there. You can see into this yard and you can have a normal conversation like you and I. I mean that's how up close and personal it is,” Nicole Solimano, whose parents live in one of the problem areas, said.

These homes are still for sale, but residents are anticipating the headaches to come.

"My house is now worth less because of this," Joe Skach said."I'm not going to take a loss because of what they did."

Neighbors sent a host of concerns to the owners of these lots.

  • Elevation Difference
  • Improper Drainage
  • Encroachment of Property Lines
  • Covered Utilities and Manholes
  • Damaged Property

"The biggest problem we're having is drainage because with the higher elevation and even a little bit of rain just runs tons of water into our yards. We have flooding issues," Joe Skach said.

Joe Skach and other residents said they met with the city and the developers asking for a concrete wall to retain water. Instead, they say the builders put up this wooden wall.

"They built a very cheap wall that keeps falling over. Water runs through it and as you can see no fence. Not proper drainage."

A developer from American Home Builders didn't want to be on camera but says he plans to install a guttering system after hearing resident’s requests.

So far, no deal has been made to address the privacy concerns.

"I know the neighbors aren't going to back down from this...” Solimano said.

The city has told the homeowners and developers they are in compliance with all state and city regulations.

One of the developers says he's looking into building a fence once the homes sell. Nothing has been decided though.

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