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Owner of popular Norman business disputes disturbing allegations

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NORMAN, Okla. - Shocking allegations have disrupted a popular Norman bed and breakfast, and now the owners are speaking out about the investigation.

Earlier this week, the FBI raided Whispering Pines and seized phones, financial records and immigration documents.

The investigation began after one of the business' former employees told the Department of Labor that a woman was working long hours, but the employee never saw the woman get paid.

Now, the couple accused of keeping an indentured servant is speaking out, saying the allegations are not true.

"I will flop on the floor. My heart would drop. I don't understand it. When the FBI come, to be honest with you, I was concerned about her more than me," Rany Kchao told NewsChannel 4.

Kchao says the young woman, known as Srey, had been helping with housekeeping at the Whispering Pines Inn.

The owner claims he and his wife were sponsoring the Cambodian native and providing her with room and board, health care and even pay.

"We love her. We take care of her," Kchao said. "She was basically almost my step daughter.”

However, a court document tells a different story.

The Kchao’s allegedly made Srey “sign a promissory note for $8,000”, money for her passage to the U.S. and payment for her family.

Investigators say she was told it would take her “three years for her to pay off the note.”

Srey reportedly worked seven days a week, 14-15 hours every day.

At minimum wage, she would have earned about $80,000 dollars to date.

The document goes on to say Srey was emotionally abused and was forced to give up her baby for adoption.

Kchao says giving up her daughter was her own decision.

"The adoption kind of like broke my heart because there was a lot and long process," Kchao said.

The owners feel they did nothing wrong and are putting trust in the justice system.

"I believe that I live in probably the best place on earth as far as law and justice," Kchao said.

The couple has not been charged with a crime, but they say they have lost business and are receiving death threats.

We are told Srey is in a safe home.

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