Representative proposes bill to require drug testing for millionaires seeking tax deductions

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WASHINGTON – It’s an initiative that’s already been put in place for several states across the country, but one representative has a different strategy for making sure the country isn’t rewarding bad behavior.

So far, 10 states, including Oklahoma, require at least a portion of welfare recipients to undergo a drug test before receiving assistance.

However, Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore has a different approach to the concept.

In a news release, Moore announced that she was introducing the “Top 1% Accountability Act of 2016.”

The bill would require drug testing for all tax filers who claim itemized deductions over $150,000.

“Such baseless attacks against the poor inspired me to draft the Top 1% Accountability Act of 2016. My legislation would require taxpayers with itemized deductions of more than $150,000 to submit to the IRS a clear drug test, or take the much lower standard deduction when filing their taxes. It is my sincere hope that my bill will help eradicate the stigma associated with poverty and engage the American public in a substantive dialogue regarding the struggles of working-and middle-class families,” a statement read.

According to 2011 tax data from the IRS, households that claim more than $150,000 in itemized deductions usually earn more than $1 million a year.

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