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Store clerk’s kind act warming hearts across the country

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GREENVILLE, S.C. – This past week has been tough for people across the country for a variety of reasons.

However, one young man’s kindness has warmed the hearts of thousands in South Carolina.

It was a simple act that no one was supposed to see.

Brandon Rollins, a store clerk at Ingles Markets, noticed an elderly woman struggling to walk.

He simply took her hand and slowly helped her walk to her car in the parking lot.

But the kind deed didn’t go unnoticed.

Bo Graf snapped a photo of Rollins and the woman and posted it to Facebook.

Immediately, people who know Rollins commented on the post about his character and his upbringing.

He was even honored by his coworkers with a cake.

Rollins says he still hasn’t accepted that his act is viewed as a good deed, but is glad that his family is proud of him.

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