Two runners injured after hit and run

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Two runners are in shock after a driver hit them during an early morning run and sped away.

"We were coming back from our seven mile run, and we realized that someone was kind of following behind us,” said Natalia Clark.

It happened at North Shartel Avenue and N.W. 40th street, where the two said he followed them for quite a while.

"He was really close and slow, but then, when I looked back, I remember he pulled over and tucked in, and he stopped,” said Danielle Johnson.

That’s where things took a dangerous turn.

“I heard him accelerate, and then he plowed into us. Dani was running on the right, and I was on the left of the car, so he hit her straight on,” Clark said.

The two were covered in bumps and bruises and shocked.

"I rolled forward and got back up, and his window was down, so I walked up, and I actually slapped him on the arm, and I said 'What are you doing?'” Clark said.

The driver then reversed and sped away.

"The policeman was like 'What do you think his intentions were?' and I can only think of bad things. I worry about sexual rape, you know,” Clark said.

That’s why both Clark and Johnson said they feel blessed, because it could have been a lot worse, and they’re thankful to have had help from area neighbors.

However, after this terrifying experience, the two said they may be taking a break from running outdoors for a little while.

"At least, for me, I feel like he took away some of that self-security. I will be on the treadmill for a little while, but I love running. I've done it for 19 years so, I mean, we'll be back out,” Johnson said.

“Maybe in bigger groups,” Clark said.

Clark and Johnson said the driver was a white male with brown hair and medium weight.

He was driving an older model of a white Dodge mini van with ladders on the side of it and a Carrier Express logo on it.

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