Thieves caught ransacking Edmond business on hidden camera

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EDMOND, Okla.- Three burglars were caught on a hidden camera ransacking an Edmond thrift store.

Now police are hoping you will recognize them and help solve the case.

The intrusion happened at Thrifty Chic Furniture Consignment.

The owner believes the thieves broke in through a door using a crow bar.

It seemed they knew what they were after because they headed straight for the office.

"They'd probably bought something here or someone told them where we keep the money," Store Owner Harold Smith said.

Little did they know there was a camera hiding in an unusual place that was getting clear shots of their faces.

The snatch and grab lasted for about 10 minutes.

Then, the trio was out the door with about $255 dollars in cash, some electronics, and possibly a pump 22 rifle.

"It's just maddening to have people come in and take what you work for," Smith said. "I mean it's kind of like if people have that much need for something I mean I'd be glad to buy them a meal or something.”

What made Smith even more aggravated was the mess left to clean up.

"Cost a lot more for all the time we lost. Straightening things up. Fixing things. Calling the police," Smith explained.

It was an unwelcome visit that may cost the men some time in jail.

"It would be nice if they'd learn a lesson. I'm not sure that they will," Smith said.

He says in 25 years, his business has only been targeted twice.

He also mentioned that he bought the hidden camera about six months ago and forgot he had it until the burglary.

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