Oklahoma City man sentenced to death for 2014 murder

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A jury has sentenced a man to death after finding him guilty of raping and assaulting two women in the Village, killing one of them.

It took the jury less than a hour on Wednesday, to decide on the death penalty for 49-year-old Albert Johnson for the murder of 24-year-old Rachel Rogers in June of 2014.

Johnson sat still as the punishment was read.

The only sound you could hear in the courtroom were screams from Rachel Rogers' family.

Just last week a jury convicted Albert Johnson of raping his girlfriend and her friend, beating both of them and eventually killing Rogers.

"She was completely innocent and was there to help her friend out of a horrible situation and she ended up being the victim," said David Prater Oklahoma county district attorney.

The woman who lived with Johnson at the time testified that he forced her to call Rachel.

She said she feared for her life and for her daughter's life if she didn't.

She testified Jonson told her he planned to rape and kill Rachel.

Wednesday, he found out he would lose his life for his actions.

"I'm relieved that he will no longer be able to hurt anyone else on the face of the planet ever again. He's going to be right where he needs to be," said Kathryn Burruel, victim's sister.

The defense asked the jury to show mercy for Johnson, saying he had a rough childhood and suffered from several mental illnesses.

The prosecution pushed death as the only acceptable punishment for a man as dangerous as Johnson.

"This jury was able to see exactly who this person was and how he lived his life violently. He likes to hurt people and he had every opportunity in the world not to kill Rachel Rogers," said Prater.

Rogers is remembered as loving and selfless.

"If there is anything I have learned about Rachel, it is the fact she's glad it ended up the way it did. That she lost her life instead of her friend and her daughter, that's just who she was," said Prater.

"She was my sister and she was beautiful, if your knew her. There's not any words to describe how awesome my sister was. She was a beautiful person inside and out," said Burruel.

The judge set a formal sentencing for July 6th.

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