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Oklahoma woman finds a unique way to honor veterans

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OKLAHOMA - The moment when someone says you're the answer to their prayers is an amazing feeling that doesn't happen very often.

But it did when Linda Cavanaugh and First Fidelity’s Craig Litle surprised Pam Humphreys with the Pay it 4Ward award.

The story really starts on board the U.S. Saratoga during World War II.

The air craft carrier was targeted by Japanese suicide bombers and 123 sailors were buried at sea.

18-year-old Oklahoman Charles Cosper survived the attack and later had a family, which included his daughter, Pam.

Like most WWII veterans, Cosper talked little about his experiences.

But Humphreys was determined to honor her dad and others who served our nation.

The unique method she found to do that provided her with a way of learning more about her dad, while letting veterans know how much she appreciates them.

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