“They ain’t done nothing,” Father seeks son’s arrest following alleged burglary

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - Kevin Tucker is out hundreds of dollars in property and is now seeking justice almost a month after the crime.

Tucker says being burglarized was bad, but who committed the crime makes it worse.

"Oh yeah, Christian Ray Tucker, my own son," said Kevin. "My heart just broke, just in denial, didn't even want to believe it was him, just in shock."

Surveillance cameras were rolling at Tucker's home when a band of burglars led by a familiar face allegedly stole his property.

Logan County Sheriff's deputies soon investigated the case, and requested an arrest warrant be issued for Christian Tucker the next day.

The request was made to the Logan County District Attorney's Office, but no warrant has ever been issued.

"That was on the 26th of May, and here it is the 22nd of June, and they haven't done anything to even make an arrest on him," said Kevin.

However, Christian Tucker has been arrested in Oklahoma County for a separate warrant.

Now, Kevin wants his son brought back to Guthrie.

"They need to do something in Logan County to put a hold on him, otherwise he'll just walk free," said Kevin. "It's very frustrating cause they ain't done nothing."

Through all this, Kevin says he's seeking help for his son, believing that hard time and tough love might be the best medicine.

"He's still my son, I still love him, I just don't like the things he's done," said Kevin. "I love him to death, I just wish he'd wake up and come back to reality."

Christian Tucker is currently in the Oklahoma County Jail, awaiting his transfer to the Lincoln County Jail.

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