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OKLAHOMA CITY - Thieves ransacked Carolyn Marshall's home.

They made off with her Jamaican birth certificate and family heirlooms, including the 1883 silver coin necklace her dad gave her in high school.

“I even have my junior picture where I'm wearing it,” Carolyn said. “They took that.”

There was a break in the case last year at a vacant apartment about seven miles from Carolyn's home, the scene of the crime.

Someone cleaning out one of those apartments found the family's stolen items, including their personal documents and called police.

Investigators say a squatter was living there and left behind a bunch of stuff.

There was no sign of Carolyn's necklace, but police recovered her birth certificate and about 40 old picture slides of someone else’s family in Germany.  

A photo of a man kneeling at a grave really tugged at our hearts.

“I bet he was probably a victim like we were,” Carolyn said. “And, I said ‘I'm sure he would like to have these pictures back.’”

We packed up the slides and took them to Bedford Camera and Video.

We asked lab technician, Drea Hernandez, to clean up the photos, so we could get a better look at the family.

“I just feel like they were a very close family, a very united family,” she said. “You can see that, the husband at the grave site, visiting their loved one.”

The name on the headstone featured in one of the photos is Frida Gay.

There's a good possibility that whoever the photos belong to are also victims of a home burglary.

During our investigation, we found more clues left behind at the apartment, including someone's resume, an old notebook and AT&T receipt with a woman's name and phone number on it.   

Turns out, she’s a victim just like Carolyn.

“Our house was robbed twice about two years ago,” Deidre Lee said.

That was right around the time Carolyn's stuff was stolen.

She told us she’s not missing any slides.

There's been no arrest in either case, but we found a bunch of old mail, possible evidence of a connection between an intruder in Carolyn's home and several convicted felons with ties to fraud, drugs and burglary.

One of the men, Robert D. Caskey, is currently serving out a prison sentence at the Howard McLeod Correctional Center in Atoka. 

Carolyn says she had no idea.

“Almost reliving it, but I'm going to get past this, now that we've gone through this and something good can come out of it,” Carolyn said. “Somebody is going to get their pictures back, we're hoping.”

If you recognize the family in the photos, email us or call our In Your Corner hotline.

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