Latest on the search for the missing Oklahoma boy with autism

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DUNCAN, Okla. – Authorities are still searching for the 8-year-old Oklahoma boy with autism who went missing from his home earlier this month.

The last time anyone saw the Damion was on June 12th around 2 a.m. when his mom checked on him as he was sleeping.

When the family woke up later that morning, the little boy was gone.

They found two bean bags stacked by the front door where it appeared Damion unlocked it.

That morning, torrential rains hit the Duncan area, leaving flood waters behind.

Authorities said the family told them Damion is autistic and non-verbal.

He is fascinated with water and thunderstorms.

When police couldn’t immediately find the little boy, they set up a command center and brought in outside assistance.

“We grid searched almost the entire city,” Lieutenant John Byers with the Duncan Police Department said.

Police started tracking clues.

Damion was captured on surveillance video at 6:47 a.m. peering through the doors of the closed Dollar General.

Then, about half an hour later, he’s on surveillance video at Chisholm Corner, a convenience store.

He walks to the back coolers and then back out again.

That night, authorities found the little boy’s pajama pants stuck in a tree along Claridy Creek just south of Bois D’arc.

After searching for four days, the Duncan Police Department announced on its Facebook page that officers would scale back the search for the missing boy.

However, the police department assured the public that search crews are not giving up.

“We are however going to concentrate on specific areas of interest,” the department said on Facebook.

Last week, a dive team was sent into part of Claridy Creek that had been cleared of debris from the storm.

“We will also utilize some large equipment to dig up and remove debris along some of the creek banks,” the department stated.

On June 22nd, 10 days after the boy was reported missing, a K9 team alerted officers to an area in the creek south of a local swimming pool.

Crews started digging, but did not find anything.

The Duncan Police Department has now asked for assistance from Texas Equusearch, a search and rescue organization dedicated to searching for missing persons.

Texas Equusearch will use ground penetrating radar and a small sonar boat to search areas of interest in Duncan.

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