Northeast Edmond woman comes face-to-face with burglar in broad daylight

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Edmond, OK-- Dusty Fryberger was exercising in a bedroom in her Northeast Edmond home, when the doorbell rang.

She saw a car pull into her driveway that she didn't recognize, but she was expecting visitors, and thought nothing of it.

But then the doorbell rang again.

"He rang the doorbell three times really fast, which kind of surprised me, and the next thing I knew, I heard this horrendous crash", says Fryberger.

The crash Fryberger heard was her front door being kicked in.

Pieces of the front door, and its frame, went flying about twenty feet into Fryberger's living room.

"Screws kicked out as far back as between the couch and that little table", says Fryberger pointing to where screws from the door landed.

Fryberger came face to face with the intruder, who took off quickly through the garage, and jumped into an SUV.

There was another man driving that vehicle.

Fryberger wondered how the suspect managed to get away so fast, when her garage doors were closed.

An examination of the garage door revealed damage.

"There's this thing going on where they can take this metal thing and put it up to the top, and pop your garage door", says Fryberger.

So to be safe, the family is taking steps to improve their home's security.

Fryberger pointed out a recently added security system, equipped with cameras, as well as fortifying doors inside and outside the home.

A contractor Fryberger called to make repairs recommended placing a metal latch at the top of the front door for extra security.

Since burglars tend to kick at the middle of the door, adding the latch up high, where it is harder to kick,  will bolster the door.

Police in Edmond say now is a good time for all homeowners to rethink their home security.

And for homeowners who already have outdoor security cameras, it is a good idea to go back and review camera footage for anything suspicious.

"What we hope that comes out of this is somebody in that neighborhood has a home security camera system, and can go back and look and see if that vehicle is driving through the neighborhood earlier that day, or around that time frame."

Police are looking for two male suspects driving a red Jeep Cherokee.

Anyone with information is asked to call Edmond Police.


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