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Growing trend is bringing photographers into the delivery room

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It is a special time that every parent wants to remember, but now some are taking steps to document the moment their children were born.

Some parents hire a photographer or videographer to capture one of the most intimate moments of their lives.

"I really wanted to just capture everything with daddy and relieve him of that responsibility to help me labor and take pictures and take video," said Danielle Murray.

Murray hired photographer Tavia Redburn to take pictures of the birth of her son, Collin.

"Every mom has a different story and different reaction, and I love capturing the uniqueness of each birth," said Redburn, Tavia Redburn Photography.

While some people said these moments are worth sharing, others feel it should be kept private.

Redburn said there are a lot of misconceptions that birth photography is gory but said that's far from reality.

"It's all about the details and the moments and the emotion of the day that goes by so quickly that, as a mom, sometimes, you forget things," Redburn said.

However, some people said these moments should stay private.

"Birth is a beautiful thing. Do I want to see everyone's birth? Probably not," said David Whaley. "We overshare everything. We overshare the food we eat every day. The moment something happens, the world knows about it in 30 seconds."

While others said, if the images or video are tasteful, sharing is okay.

"Oh, yes, I think that's perfectly fine. Just not the other end," said Haley Croasdale.

For Murray, she’s expecting again and can't wait to have another birth captured on film.

"To have these photos for a lifetime, very, very excited about it," Murray said.

Ultimately, it’s up to the parents to decide what they want captured.

Birth photography is available for expecting parents who are having hospital births, home births and even C-sections.