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8-year-old boy discovers parents bodies after alleged murder-suicide

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PFLUGERVILLE, Texas – Police say an 8-year-old boy called 911 after finding his mother and father dead inside his home.

The child told investigators that his parents were fighting on Saturday night. His mother told him to call 911, but he said his father stopped him from calling.

On Sunday afternoon, the boy made a horrific discovery.

“We received a 911 phone call from a child who resides in the home, advising that his mom and dad were not moving and there was blood,” said Lt. Laura Wilkes, with the Pflugerville Police Department.

Investigators believe 41-year-old Saladin McIntosh stabbed 39-year-old La Kiesha Nicole Glass several times before shooting and killing himself.

Neighbors say they knew the couple had a tumultuous relationship.

“She yelled at him continually, anytime he interacted with neighbors she was very upset,” Diann Fine, a neighbor, told KXAN.

Now, neighbors say they are sorry the 8-year-old has to deal with the effects of that violence.

“Lovely little boy. He used to come around and play with our kids. It’s a shame, I mean, I’m sorry to see the poor kid have to go through this,” said Troy Brucken.