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New details revealed after man killed in officer-involved shooting

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OKLAHOMA - We are learning more about what happened before a man was shot and killed on a city bus by a police officers.

The bus driver who called police said it was a scary ordeal.

"He got on his knees and did this cross thing, and I'm thinking 'Oh Lord,'" said John Mobley Jr.

From that point, Mobley said he knew something was wrong.

He said he was near Western and 23rd when a man later identified as Miguel Chavez got on his bus, threw money at him and yelled for him to drive.

Soon, Mobley said Chavez started acting strange.

"About a block and a half, he jumps up on my firewall, he starts messing with the fire extinguisher and he pulls the pin," he said.

That's when Mobley said he knew he had to do something.

"When we get to the stoplight, I told everyone to get off the bus, because I didn't know what he was going to do with that fire extinguisher," he said.

Once everyone was off the bus, he called for help.

Little did he know, they were already looking for Chavez.

Officer Heather Lane got on the bus first.

"The officer got on and said 'Let me see your hands.' I guess the dude threw the fire extinguisher at her," Mobley said.

Police said the two struggled and Lane's gun went off.

"He tried to take the gun from her, and the gun goes off. I see the bullet fly by my leg, and I think 'Oh my God,'" Mobley said.

That's when a second officer, Daniel Carli, shot and killed Chavez not far from where Mobley was standing.

Police are commending Mobley for taking action and getting everyone off the bus.

The two officers involved are now on leave until police wrap up their investigation.