‘I don’t want to believe it:’ Former students call sex accusations ‘out of character’

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Former students are calling allegations against a high school teacher "out of character" and unbelievable for a man they say was a mentor in and out of the classroom.

Police have a warrant for the arrest of Curtis Lamont Lowe, 43, who is accused of sexual battery in connection to inappropriate contact with a student in his Southeast High School biology classroom.

"I don't want to believe it, because I don't believe he's that kind of person," said Christina Leija, who sat in Lowe's classroom and played on his volleyball team. "He's just really caring and it really hurts us to know that's happening right now."

According to an arrest warrant, a student told investigators Lowe "placed his hand on her leg and moved it up until he touched her buttocks while she was standing beside his desk" in the fall of 2015.

In April 2016, the victim told investigators Lowe made a sexual comment in front of the class while she was blowing into a straw to expand the lungs on a cadaver cat.

Lowe has been in the news before.

In 2006, the Associated Press reported on allegations that Lowe "sucker punched" a football coach from behind and punched him two more times while he was on the ground unconscious.

Charges never appear to have been filed, but the AP reported Lowe had asked about turning himself in.

Six years later, according to the Huffington Post, Lowe got in hot water for an inflammatory Facebook post, written after Oklahomans voted to suspend affirmative action programs in state government.

"I live in a state that hates me, hates women," he wrote, according to the Post. "Revoking Affirmative Action is spitting in my face... this is the reason I hate OU sooners & the okc Thunder & everything that represents this racist state!!! Die OKLAHOMA… hope a tornado blows away the capital n all the rednecks in it.!!!"

Former students say Lowe wasn't afraid to tell it like it was, but call him a laid back teacher they could go to when they had a problem.

"He knew some of my issues at home and he was there and he comforted me," recalled Jasmyn Gutierrez, who was worried about a ride to her house after volleyball practice. "He was just like, 'just stay for practice and I promise I'll find a way for you to get home."

Others describe Lowe as encouraging, genuine and popular.

In a statement, the Oklahoma City Public School District said it was aware of the arrest warrant, writing, "When administrative officials were made aware of the allegations in April police were contacted immediately, and the employee was placed on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of the criminal investigation. "

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