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Update: Crews find woman’s body after flood waters swept car off roadway

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POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Okla. - Authorities say they have discovered the body of a woman who was swept away by floodwaters on Sunday night.

On Monday, crews searched Pecan Creek for Dorinda Cullum.

The sheriff’s office says the 49-year-old was swept into the creek after driving over a flooded area on Fishmarket Rd., less than two miles from her home.

"It swept her against that tree. She actually called her husband first," Undersheriff J.T. Palmer said.

We are told he rushed to her rescue and tried to hook a chain to her car.

"Because the water was running so fast, the car was filling up. He was actually trying to hold her head up above the water and then he actually made the 911 call," Palmer said.

By the time firefighters arrived, the tree snapped.

"The car went into the creek and went completely under the water," Palmer said.

The car was recovered Monday morning, but there was no sign of Cullum.

On Tuesday, the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office says Cullum's body was found.

"We preach it every day. Turn around don't drown. I know sometimes people don't understand it don't take that much water. I don't care how heavy your vehicle is. It brings it to the top and washes it off," Palmer said. "Just another one of these sad accidents that could have been prevented.”

The area got around five inches of rain Sunday night.

The sheriff’s office estimates the creek rose eight to 10 feet.