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Home intruder dies after homeowner cuts him with machete

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CLEARWATER, Fla. – Heather and Steve Aiosa moved into their Clearwater home just four months ago, but they got the scare of their lives on Tuesday morning.

Investigators with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office say the couple woke on Tuesday morning to find a stranger standing in their bedroom.

The man, who was identified as Robert Alcade, said he had already called 911 because people were trying to kill him.

At that point, officials told WFLA that Alcade began throwing things and tried to climb the bedroom wall.

Steve Aiosa grabbed a rifle that he kept under his bed, but he couldn’t load it because it malfunctioned.

He then grabbed a machete, and police say Alcade tackled Heather Aiosa and began fighting her.

Investigators say Steve began hitting Alcade on the legs with the machete, but the injuries didn’t stop the attack.

“It was a very, very bloody scene,” Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said. “His legs were all hacked up with a machete.”

When officers arrived, Alcade had gotten a hold of the rifle and refused to put it down.

Deputies tased him six times and were finally able to handcuff him.

However, he died once he reached an area hospital.

Gualtieri says it appears that Alcade was on drugs at the time of the break-in and attack.

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