‘It’s just good to see how many good people there are,’ OKCFD thanks boy after fire cleanup

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A small act of kindness brought smiles to the Oklahoma City Fire Department on Wednesday.

After responding to a house fire on the 2800 block of N.E. 18th St., firefighters began to roll up their hoses.

"There was a young man just on his bicycle watching everything we were doing," said Sgt. Kent Collins. "And I just kind of said hi and joked with him
about helping. And his eyes lit up and he was like yeah."

Soon, 12-year-old Jimmie Harris was in line with the firefighters, helping clean things up with a smile on his face.

"They're some pretty nice guys," he told NewsChannel 4 Wednesday. "Firefighting basically keeps you out of trouble. You can become a real man out of that."

And while Harris's actions may seem like a small thing, Collins said it left a mark on the crew from Station 18.

"It's just nice to see people playing attention to the work we do," Collins said. "That is the exact basis of our job, is helping people when they need it.
And that's what he did. It really shows how much community there really is."