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Pokemon Go, across America

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Almost everyone knows about Pokemon Go, it is the biggest mobile game in history, logging just shy of 21 million daily users.

If for whatever reason you don’t know about the mobile phenomenon, it is an augmented reality game where you search for creatures called Pokemon through the camera lens of your phone in the real world.

The game notifies you when Pokemon is near, and you use a Pokeball to “catch ’em all”.

But catching them all isn’t that easy.

And like everything else, people are turning to Google for answers.

The website gathered the the volume of searches by state to see who was looking for which Pokemon.

Oklahomans are on the hunt for Vulpix.

Our neighbors in Kansas are looking for the popular Pikachu.

Texans are trying to track down Eevee.

For a full list of the most wanted Pokemon by state, visit declutt’s website.