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Best of Great State: The Fast Rapper from 2000

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- You can search through his extensive tape archives, or you can listen to him live.

Or you can just try to listen.

"If you don't think about it," says fast rapper Jason Heath, "it comes out quick."

After many years and many hours Heath and his mouth have come up with a wide range of abilities, abilities most people wouldn't even think to attempt.

He demonstrates, "So I'm saying, 'look at L.C. kickin' the beat.' Then I do it like 'clook at L.C. clickin the beat.'"

From his apartment in northwest Oklahoma City issues an incredible number of words and sounds, all courtesy of Heath and a beat box he received for being on the Jenny Jones show.

Saying it very quickly, then slower, Jason says, "What I said was, 'adjust your hips and break your back and
elevates your elbows over your hairline, if you feel your tongue on the roof of your mouth and your fingers etc."

He learned his words from the dictionary one word at a time.

"If you say anything a hundred times in a row you'll never forget," says Heath.

He also learned to mimic other artists.

The latest result is his own CD of music and fast raps.

Jason explains his dream, "To let other people hear different sounding music."

Of course, there are people who question Jason's commitment to his craft.

"Can you say the alphabet really fast," asks a visitor?

"Oh yeah," he responds. Jason then rattles off all 26 letters in less than 5 seconds.

But at the risk of putting words in Heath's mouth, he is an artist.

So enough said.

In Oklahoma City Galen Culver Newschannel 4. Is This a Great State or What!