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NewsChannel 4 staff react to overnight fire in the building

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A fire inside KFOR caused quite the commotion early Wednesday morning.

The fire started inside our server room around 3:40 a.m., which is the hub of the station, making broadcasts possible.

Our crews at NewsChannel 4 are not used to being the source of the news, but let's just say it wasn't a typical day at the station.

"All of the sudden, we see the lights flash and we're thinking, 'oh, it's a power surge,'" Jared Rodriguez, KFOR Producer, said.

"Then we heard a boom and I thought it was an earthquake we get that kind of rattle," Brooke Marton, KAUT Producer, said.

It wasn't an earthquake; there was a fire in the building, in our server room, where all of our data is stored.

Then, the fire alarms went off.

"That's when I saw the smoke coming from the weather center," Marton said.

"We run in there, it's hazy, the smell will knock you out, it was horrible," Rodriguez said. "I immediately called 911 and we got evacuated."

Our staff didn't waste any time, within minutes we were live on social media, broadcasting the news and updating viewers on what was happening.

"Smoke was still being exhausted from the building," Assistant Chief Engineer Donald Ohse said. "I made my way to our rack room, our server room and found our UPS had a lot of damage inside of it."

UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply, which is our backup power system for the station.

The explosion caused the system to stop working.

UPS fire

Our engineers tell us we have two options, order parts from the manufacturer to repair the UPS system or, worst case scenario, it will have to be replaced.

The good news: everyone made it out safely and we were back on the air within an hour of the first spark.

"This is definitely a day to put in the books and remember forever," Rodriguez said.