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Pay It Forward: Woman preserves a piece of Oklahoma history

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This is a story that begins in a vacant field that was neglected and overgrown.

But it wasn’t what you could see that sparked the interest of Pay It Forward nominee Lisa Westbrook.

She bought the land from Little Ax for a dollar, searching for the graves of family members, but found much more.

Hidden in the debris, forgotten for decades, were the graves of Oklahoma pioneers.

"These people were here for the land run. When I first got started I thought there were maybe eight graves or so," Lisa said.

But in the five years she’s worked to redeem the land, she’s discovered the remains of 241 souls, each marked with an orange stake.

"I think they deserve better," Westbrook added.

Gerald Myers, who nominated Lisa, said, "Before Lisa took over the cemetery it was desecrated. But she took it and turned it into something beautiful. You wouldn't even have known it was a cemetery but now you do."

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