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Photo captures Houston officer washing homeless man’s feet

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HOUSTON, Texas – A photo taken in Houston is causing some people to take a second look.

A few weeks ago, a Houston police officer was captured washing the feet of a nearly blind homeless man.

Sgt. Steve Wick, with the Houston Police Department, told KTRK that he spotted the homeless man on the streets in downtown Houston. He says he was sick and had an accident, so they brought him to the department to wash him off and allow him to take a shower.

KTRK reports that it was the first shower the man had taken in years.

“He showered for about 45 minutes. It was great. He was washing his hair and everything,” Wick said.

Following the shower, Wick cleaned the man’s feet and clipped his toenails.

“To get your toenails cut will make your life of walking around a whole lot better. He couldn’t do it for himself,” he said.

Officers are now working to get the man set up with a doctor to deal with his vision issues.