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Anne Hathaway shares emotional tribute to Garry Marshall

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Actress Anne Hathaway recently shared an emotional tribute to famed director and producer Garry Marshall.

Marshall, 81, passed away from complications of pneumonia following a stroke at a hospital late Tuesday, his publicist confirmed.

He created some of the most popular 1970’s TV shows — including “Mork and Mindy” and “Happy Days,” and directed hit films like “Pretty Woman,” “Beaches,” “Overboard,” “Runaway Bride,” and “The Princess Diaries.”

In 2001, Marshall cast Hathaway to star alongside Julie Andrews in “The Princess Diaries,” which launched her career.

She went on to work with him in “The Princess Diaries” sequel as well as “Valentine’s Day.”

Following news of Marshall’s death, Hathaway took to social media to pay tribute to the famed director and producer.

I couldn’t sleep last night.
The moon was too bright and my heart was too full of fresh grief at Garry’s passing.
I went outside and sat in the absurd blue-white bath of moon, surprised to see my night shadow,
I thought, “Garry left on a good night.”
This morning, I got a text from Heather Matarrazzo saying “Of course Garry left on a full moon.”
If you know Garry, that he went out when there should be darkness and instead there is full, rare, magic light, is too perfect to be coincidence.
It’s so him.

Garry was goodness itself.
He was generous.
He was kind beyond kind.
He was thoughtful and sweet and so funny you would pee yourself a little.
I met him when I was a child who thought she was a grown-up; he treated me with grace and patience and respect and always, always love.
I’m so happy I made three films with him.
I’m so happy he blessed my son in my belly the last time I saw him (we never think it will be the last time).

Before we made the Princess Diaries, he told me “You never know if a movie is going to be a hit or not. The only thing you can control is the memories you make when shooting it. So, let’s make some good memories.”
That advice changed my life even more than the film did.
I wish I could say I practice that perfectly, but I can’t.
Garry loved my rough patches too, and forgave them before I even apologized.
He wasn’t interested in judgement or non-plot related conflict.
He just wanted to have fun and laugh and do good work.
He was so, so smart and canny, and yet he lived entirely from his heart.
That’s how he made movies too.
You don’t meet a lot of people that kind of courageous nowadays.
I couldn’t see it when he was right in front of me, but I see him so clearly now that he has moved on- Garry was a Hero.
Not a run-into-a-burning-building-to-save-a-hampster hero per se, but he looked on the bright side of every situation and was unfailingly warm and loving to everyone he met.

How simple. How extraordinary.

Garry: for a kid from the Bronx with weak lungs, you did good.
I’m happy to have known you.
I can never thank you enough for my life.

I’m going to do my best to be just like you.
I love you.
Safe travels, my friend.

Hathaway’s emotional tribute has received more than 93,000 “likes” on Facebook.

Marshall  is survived by his wife of 53 years, nurse Barbara Sue Marshall, and leaves behind his two sisters, three children, and six grandchildren.

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