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Matt Damon attends film premiere in Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- Actor Matt Damon and producer Frank Marshall brought a little bit of Hollywood to OKC Thursday night for the premiere of the new Jason Bourne film.

News Channel4's Linda Cavanaugh was in attendance at the red carpet event.


"When you were at Harvard writing the screenplay for what would become 'Good Will Hunting' did you have a clue your career would explode like this?" Linda asked.

"Oh No, I had dreams but, I didn't...Ben (Affleck) and I woke up somewhere around 1998 and called each other and said, what do we do now? All our dreams just came true. I feel really lucky to still be doing this and it's hard to keep a career going in this business. It's a really tough business and the only reason I can is because people go buy movie tickets and I'm grateful for everyone who does," Damon responded.

The movie premier was also a fundraiser for the Oklahoma Kidz Foundation, which assists other non-profits in advancing children's health and education causes.

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