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New tool allowing Oklahoma patients to see surgery results before procedure

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EDMOND, Okla. - When you think of virtual reality, video games may come to mind.

But one Edmond plastic surgeon is giving patients an eye-popping experience-- changing their bodies, virtually.

"We're taking it from a 3-D image you can see on the computer now getting completely immersed with virtual reality,” Dr. Jayesh, plastic surgeon, said.

Dr. Panchal just got these virtual reality goggles a month ago, becoming one of the first in the state.

A patient wanting breast implants can now see exactly how they will look before going under the knife.

"When women come in and see reality glasses on, they are just completely stunned. Their jaws drop, and they're surprised something like this could be done so easily," he said.

Panchal also says it prevents misunderstanding, allowing patients who simply can't visualize a change in their body to see the end result.

"You can say, 'Well, I want to make my chin change,'" he said.

At that point, he scans the targeted area with an iPad to create an image, which is then sent to a smartphone.

The smart phone connects to the VR glasses, and you can look any direction to see the before and after product.

The whole process takes five to 10 minutes and is included with the service.

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