Update: Single mom receives surprise cash donation

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Update 8/15/13: Our team's been trying to find some help for a single mom who lost a bunch of money in a used car scam.

Kelsey Marks is still reeling from being scammed out of thousands of dollars.

She’s still stuck borrowing her mom's car to get to and from work.

The single mom doesn't have the credit or cash to come up with a down payment for another car.

“You never expect someone to do this,” Kelsey said. “You expect people to treat you the way you treat them.”

So Monday we asked Kelsey to show up at our studios to update us on her situation.

She had no idea we were orchestrating a big surprise for her.

The do-gooders helping us pull off the surprise are Josh Fish and Jennifer Palmer from The Key Car Dealership.  

We reached out to them about helping Kesley.

The best part is their cash donation comes with no strings attached!

“You can go buy a car anywhere you want, but do your research,” Josh said.

Kelsey says the cash will allow her to put down money on a car.

“I can give my mom her vehicle and I don't have to worry about her and my kids when I'm at work,” Kelsey said.

Slowly, but surely this single mom is getting rolling again.

Kelsey said, “I can't say thank you enough from me, my family, my kids.”

Update 7/26/16:  We’re learning Kane Hernandez skipped town Friday with Kelsey Mark's cash, days after we exposed him on In Your Corner for posing as a licensed car dealer. 

Now there is word of a second botched car deal involving Hernandez's old roommate, Jerrod Hayes.  

“Like I said I've never even saw the parts I purchased from Kane to fix my truck,” Jerrod said.

That's not all!

We're not even sure Kane Hernandez is his real name.

Besides posing as a licensed car dealer he's also accused of pocketing rent money.

“I gave Kane all of my bills and my part of the rent and then he was supposed to pass it on,” Jerrod said.

We checked with the actual landlord who backs up that claim.

There was also a third roommate, Layman Ridenour II, a guy we caught lying to us last week about not knowing Kane Hernandez.

We had no idea Hernandez was hiding inside the house the whole time.

Apparently Ridenour goes by the name Perry and he and Hernandez are old buddies. 

We know the fleeing pair left behind furniture.

They are driving cars with Arkansas tags and could be living in Las Vegas now.

Hernandez changed his phone number to a Nevada number.

We working to help Kelsey find a new used car.

For now she's still out the cash and left bumming rides from her mom.   


OKLA. CITY - Single mom, Kelsey Marks, is out a bunch of cash and a used car.

Her old car was breaking down.

She sold it, then used the cash to purchase a 2009 Jeep Commander from Cane Hernandez, a guy who buys, fixes up and resells used cars. 

“He was supposed to buy it at auction and it was wrecked on the front fender, so he was supposed to fix it,” Kelsey said.

4 months later there is no sign of the used Jeep or Kelsey's $4,000 refund.

She says Hernandez keeps stringing her along asking for more cash to cover insurance and title transfer work.

“And then another $116.27 for [the] Oklahoma title. Then he said since it kept breaking down apparently and in the shop for over 45 days that it went to the Oklahoma Lemon Law, so I paid him another thousand, because he said a deposit [was required] for the lemon law to be in effect.

That makes zero sense considering our state's lemon law mainly applies to the sale and purchase of a new car.  It won't cover Kelsey's Jeep.

Hernandez created and signed a purchase agreement.

On it he’s still using an old Arkansas address for his business, Cane Auto Spa, but supposedly lives in Northwest Oklahoma City.

We eventually got Hernandez on the phone.

“I am fixing these uh, problems [and] this is a courtesy call to let you know I am solving it,” he said.

He told us he had already talked to Kelsey and the two agreed to meet Thursday to handle the refund.

He missed that deadline, which means Kelsey can’t put down a down payment on another car.

Right now she's borrowing her mom's SUV to get her to and from work.

“Every time I drive it, it's leaving my mom who is a diabetic and my two kids at home alone,” Kelsey said. “Gas mileage sucks and I drive almost an hour to work every day.

Kelsey is in the process of filing a complaint with the state.

Once they receive it the state can investigate whether or not Hernandez was acting like an unlicensed dealer.

We'll keep you posted on Kelsey's refund.

Don’t buy a car on impulse. Really take your time to inspect the car and the seller.

Kelsey has still yet to ever see her Jeep in-person.

You can ask to take the car on an extended test drive to let a mechanic you trust check out the condition of the car.

File complaint with Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission.

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